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DPF Master Flash Expert

Professional equipment designed in Poland for the regeneration of a wide range of DPF, FAP, GPF, SCR, EURO5, EURO6, and catalysts.

DPF Master Flash Professional PLUS

The highest-quality device for DPF, FAP, GPF, and SCR filter and catalyst renewal. Dedicated to all types of cars.

DPF Master Flash Professional

Professional regeneration device for DPF, FAP, and GPF filters and catalysts, mostly for passenger vehicles and vans.

DPF Heater Pro Plus

The device is composed entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 and acid resistant AISI 316 and is specialized to drying all types of particulate filters and catalysts.

DPF Master Flash Standard

DPF Master Flash Standard is a small device that uses the hydrodynamic approach to regenerate particle filters.

Master Cleaner MC 1000

Grease and oil deposits are removed without damaging the surface of the element with a high-pressure equipment used to clear heavy filth from steel, iron, or aluminum.

Master Cleaner MC 850

High-pressure workshop washer designed for professional use in the industry as a whole. You can use it in two ways: with a revolving basket or with a rigid spray arm.

XTON Sandblaster

A compact, top-quality glass and sand blasting tool. Highly suggested for workshops with constrained workspace.

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