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Pressure Sandblasters

Cleaning and processing metal, iron, and aluminum surfaces with pressure cabin sandblasting machines with integrated dust collectors. This equipment is ideal for getting rid of rust, paint, and other deposits. It’s commonly seen in car shops, service shops, and many manufacturing industries. Cabin sanders and metal pressure sanders, which are available in the offer, are also excellent glazing tools. It features an integrated dust collection, which makes working much more comfortable.

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Sandblaster by XTON

Pressure cabin sandblasters

Cleaning and processing metal, metal-aluminum surfaces with pressure chamber sandblasters with integrated dust collector. The apparatus is ideal for cleaning rust, paint, and other contaminants. They’re used in car shops, service shops, and a variety of other manufacturing businesses. Our cabin and metal pressure sandblasters can also be used as glazing machines. It runs quietly and includes a built-in dust collection, which greatly enhances working comfort. Because the equipment does not regenerate dust, it is simple to keep the workplace tidy.

Corundum, quartz, special plastic, or glass powder are examples of abrasives used in sandblasting machines.

Production of motorcycle parts, turbocharger regeneration, and ancient car restoration are some of the applications.

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XTON Sandblaster
logo sandblaster by xton

XTON Sandblaster

A premium small pressure cabin sandblaster that may be used for both glazing and sandblasting is highly recommended for workshops with constrained workspace. The closed-cycle pressure sandblaster includes a 250-liter chamber volume, a specialized filtration system, and an integrated dust collector. Its extremely silent functioning has an impact on how comfortable it is to use.
High-quality leather gloves that are resistant to mechanical harm are installed on the machine.
The Sandblaster XTON can be painted in any color from the RAL palette.

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