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Is it worth buying a car with the DPF cut out?

The decision of buying a car with a DPF cut out is a controversial one and requires careful consideration of the consequences that may arise in the future.     Diesel…

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XTON – the official sponsor of kickboxing champion Łukasz Pławecki

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Our equipment in the machinery park of Łukasiewicz Research Network

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New way to control exhaust fumes in cars in Poland

A research project has been set up to monitor the exhaust fumes of passing vehicles in the vicinity of an exhaust gas analyzer. There is no need to stop the…

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Does biodiesel affect on the condition of the DPF?

Does the biodiesel affect on the confition of the DPF? The need to reduce emissions of harmful substances from the combustion of petroleum derivatives has forced fuel manufacturers to find…

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Myths about DPF

The Web circulates a lot of false theories about DPF and its regeneration, in today’s article will dispel several myths on the subject. DPF regeneration is not needed, the soot…

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We are pro-ecological

We support educational campaigns in the field of environmental protection – CERTIFICATE INSIDE THE ECO-BRAIN Thanks to pro-ecological activities related to waste segregation we support the educational program “Mr. Sprzatalski”…

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The British way for catalytic converter thieves

Catalytic converters are a gluttonous morsel for thieves. Due to the presence of precious metals inside and easy disassembly they are easy money for them. Selling this element of the…

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A faulty DPF can damage the turbocharger

Yes, unfortunately, this is true. A clogged, faulty DPF / FAP or catalytic converter is a nightmare for your turbo. The situation can also be reversed and it is a…

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How to make money from tires vulcanization all year long?

How to make money from tires vulcanization all day long? Do you run a tire service with vulcanization services? Do you want to make money all year long, not jus…

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