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XTON sp. z o.o.

Stanisława Wigury 14
33-300 Nowy Sącz, POLAND

NIP: 7343606177
VAT UE: PL7343606177
REGON: 180202681
KRS: 0000122264
EORI: PL734360617700000

XTON s.c.

NIP: 7343478242
VAT UE: PL7343478242
REGON: 121453788
EORI: PL734347824200000
BDO: 000365027

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    Piotr Szewczyk

    Sales specialist

    Greg Paluch

    Regional Sales Manager

    Andrzej Grzegorczyk

    Sales specialist

    Łukasz Basiaga

    Sales specialist

    Krystian Konopka

    Sales specialist

    Bruno Piscotta

    Sales specialist

    Luka Kuzmanović

    Sales specialist

    Marek Švalbach

    Sales specialist

    Gašpar Sándor

    Sales specialist

    Jarosław Procyk

    Sales specialist

    Piotr Elster

    Salesman specialist

    Wiesław Homoncik

    Sales specialist

    Urszula Łukasik

    HR Department

    Łukasz Lackosz

    Office / orders

    Marcin Dudzic

    Marketing / IT

    Szymon Fecko

    Maintenance / IT

    Krystian Leś

    Project development

    Anna Szewczyk

    Account Manager

    Piotr Basiaga

    Electrical engineering

    Kamil Różyc

    Leasing specialist

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    Partner - Profiauto Partner - Gordon Partner - Autopartner Partner - Auto Slavicek Partner - FB Parts Partner - Hart Partner - Inter-Team Partner - LKQ Partner - Elit Polska Partner - Mastwell Partner - Moto-profil Partner - Truck-Experts Partner - Motorol

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