Regeneration DPF – business plan

XTON business concept – DPF remanufacturing great business idea.

Do you want to be a leader in the industry? Do you want to be faster than your competitors?
Expand your business and earn more!
We present a business concept, thanks to which your workshop will increase revenue, and its offer will become much more attractive and will meet the requirements of conscious customers.
Regeneration of diesel particulate filters with the help of DPF MASTER FLASH TM cleaning devices is a great investment, thanks to which you will quickly recover the costs of equipment purchase and start making money.

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Why is it worth starting a business with XTON?

– Our devices are manufactured based on Polish and European technological thought
– We guarantee the highest quality of our products. Our engineers make every effort to ensure that the machines they manufacture meet even the most demanding requirements
– We are pro-ecological – the entire production process is based on actions aimed at minimizing the amount of waste and their selective segregation. In addition, our active cleaning agent DPF CLEANER EXTRA POWER was created to be 100% biodegradable
– We offer competitive prices, XTON TM machines are premium products at the best price
– We use innovative solutions – to improve our machines we use the most advanced technologies, which makes the XTON TM products intuitive, functional, efficient and durable
– We help in leasing, we cooperate with all leasing companies
– We offer complex practical and theoretical training in the field of DPF regeneration and business support
– XTON operates all over Europe – our equipment is also distributed abroad. We have representatives in many European countries, such as: Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Russia

Where can you find us?

XTON equipment is distributed by the leading wholesalers of machines, accessories, spare parts and garage equipment in Poland and Europe: LKQ, Autopartner, Profi Auto, Moto-Profil, Inter-Team, AD Gordon Truck-experts, Elit, Hart, Workshop-washers, Mastwell, Motorol, Auto Slavicek, FB Parst Turbocompressori.

The word limitation for us does not exist. We operate throughout the country. Our equipment is also distributed throughout Europe, including countries such as Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Russia

Pneumatic system- XTON DPF Master Flash Professional PLUS

What will you gain by cooperating with XTON?


We build from the ground up, we test and look for the best solutions, thanks to which our products are perfect and stand out against the competition. Thanks to the knowledge and experience
that we possess, we can certainly offer comprehensive training for those who are taking their first steps in the regeneration industry, as well as for those who would like to improve their qualifications. We offer a two-stage course consisting of the following parts: Theoretical – where we present a business plan, advise how to start the regeneration adventure and tell you about the construction of filters, regeneration methods and problems that can be encountered during the work. We will also touch upon the regeneration of EURO5 and EURO6 filters. Practical – where together we carry out a comprehensive regeneration process with a detailed discussion of the operation
The practical part – is where we carry out together a comprehensive regeneration process with a detailed discussion on the operation of the device, evaluation of the filter condition, printout analysis and the whole procedure of cleaning and drying the DPF. Training take place in the seat of our company in Nowy S±cz with the use of devices from the DPF MASTER FLASH series and test filters. It is also possible to use the filters of the customer. Each participant receives a certificate after completing the training. On request, our specialists can carry out the training at the customer’s site.

Marketing support

We assist in promoting the DPF degeneration business of our customers. We provide the necessary materials, give advice, and provide services of designing advertising materials – banners, leaflets, posters, and dedicated graphics for social media.

Financial consulting

For those interested, we guarantee support in choosing the form of financing the purchase. We help with formalities related to obtaining a lease or loan. We cooperate with all leasing companies.

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