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Frequently Asked Questions – XTON North America

Frequently Asked Questions

We've heard some questions a lot of times, so we can give you ready answers.

What is the best method of DPF regeneration?


Hydrodynamic is the most successful strategy. The introduction of a cleaning agent at the particle filter or catalyst's interface, with the pressure and amount of the agent properly controlled, is the basis for this procedure (this is of great importance - improper performance of these activities may lead to the displacement of the monolith, its chip damage or blockage of the measuring channel or capillary). Additionally, throughout this process, the pressure in the filter chamber is cyclically increased, separating the weakened soot and ash particles and expelling them outside.

What is the delivery time for serial production machines?


2–6 weeks are the typical waiting period for the equipment after contract signing. With each customer, specifics are always shared privately.

What is the warranty for XTON devices?


The standard manufacturer's warranty for XTON devices is 12 months. It is possible to extend it up to 48 months. This option is additionally payable.

What forms of financing are available?


• cash
• credit
• attractive leasing from 105% (we cooperate with all leasing companies in Poland)
• advance payment: 10-30% of the contract value, payable after signing the contract for delivery

What are the transport options for the device?


• the potential for our company to deliver the machine
• outsourcing transportation to an outside company
• after previous notification, pickup in person

Is training in the use of the device included in the purchase price?


Yes, a full day of training at our headquarters is included in the fee (we can also send a technician to you after prior arrangement).

Does the price include the machine starter kit?


Yes, we provide a startup package with each device. Complete equipment, connectors, fittings, a starting chemical agent, and filters are all included in the price.

Do you offer the buyer technical support after the purchase?


Yes, during regular business hours, a technical consultant is accessible. On the website www.xton-group.ca, working hours are listed.

Are spare parts available from you without any problems as with warranty and post-warranty service?


We have been in business for ten years and have consistently offered warranty and post-warranty support. Parts are regularly accessible. Our machines have a remote self-diagnostic system, which I would like to mention. Additionally, we can increase the length of our equipment' extended warranties to 24, 36, or 48 months.

What technical requirements must be met to connect the DPF Master Flash device?


The device requires an air compressor and a three-phase power supply to work properly.

What do we get with the DPF Master Flash Professional machine?


In the set with the machine we get
• set of connections and adapters for filters
• EURO5 and EURO6 adapter
• starter kit: active factor XTON DPF CLEANER + set of filters
• free training at our company's headquarters
• on-line after-sales technical support

How long does the DPF cleaning process take?


The overall regeneration time of a DPF filter using the hydrodynamic approach is determined by the filter type and level of pollution. It takes 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete the operation. The average length of time is about 60 minutes.

What consumables are needed for DPF regeneration in Master Flash Professional?


Filters, XTON DPF CLEANER active factor, collars, and silicone tubes All consumables are always available in our inventory.

Should water and detergent be disposed of after regeneration?


DPF filter cleaning detergent is totally biodegradable and safe for human health and the environment. The water is kept pure by the machine's filters. In compliance with local environmental rules, dispose of contaminants arising from cleaning as well as used filters.

How often is DPF cleaner poured into the machine?


277 liters of water tank capacity
Before regenerating, add the following: - 50 mL of concentration - passenger vehicle filter - 60-80 mL of concentrate - truck filter (depending on the filter capacity). 1 liter of concentrated liquid

Is drying of the DPF filter necessary after regeneration?


Drying is necessary. If the filter is not dried out, the car will smoke white until it is completely evaporated.

What is the drying temperature of the DPF filter?


In the DPF Master Flash Professional and DPF Master Flash Professional Plus devices, the range for the filter's drying temperature is respectively 70-100°C and 100-130°C. These specifications guarantee complete evaporation of the liquid inside the filter.

How often is the water in the DPF Master Flash Professional tanks changed/


DPF Master Flash works in a closed circuit with 4-stage filtration from 5-300 microns.
The water is changed at the time of visible contamination, depending on:
• the type of regenerated filters (DPF / FAP / SCR / KAT) - Adblue, Eolys additives • the degree of contamination
• the capacity and surface of the filter monolith
• the frequency of water filtration replacement and mechanical pre-filter cleaning

  • or the regenerated filter is flooded with oil (e.g. after a turbocharger failure). From 5 - 50 regenerated DPF filters.

What is the total cost of regenerating one DPF filter?


The total cost of regenerating one DPF filter in a passenger car is about EUR 5, depending on the degree of filter contamination. The cost of regenerating EURO5 and EURO6 filters fluctuates around EUR 30-40.

What types of waste are generated in the remanufacturing process?


Oil wastes, oil derivatives, oily water, and wastes from oil dehydration in oil separators are all produced during the regeneration process.

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