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Device to car service dpf cleaning machines

Our group consists of a well-organized group of young people who specialize in industrial automation. We have a diverse set of skills that enable us to take on even the most difficult assignments. We create and build gadgets in response to market need, employing the most cutting-edge and innovative technologies.
DPF filter regeneration devices, as well as high-pressure washers and sandblasters, are all part of our permanent inventory.
We design with passion in order to bring the highest-quality devices to the global market.
WE ARE PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL! We pay significant attention to environmental preservation during the manufacturing process.
We use strategies that primarily assist Polish technological thinking. Our proposal is aimed at a broadly defined industry.

machinery dpf regeneration xton

Since 2011, XTON® has dealt with industrial automatics on a continual basis. With zeal, we create machines for industry. We produce both in series and on a per-order basis.
In a contemporary and well-equipped laboratory, a qualified team of engineers ensures the safety and quality of each gadget.
We use the best specialists in the fields of automation, electrical engineering, and construction in order to provide you with top-of-the-line products.
We feel that the product’s value is directly proportional to the company’s and production’s stability.
We are continually investing in new technologies, production facilities, experience, and experienced employees, ensuring that our devices are of the best quality.

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