DPF Cleaning Machine

DPF Master Flash Standard

A compact device for the regeneration of diesel particulate filters, operating using the hydrodynamic method. It has a tank with a capacity of 112 liters, a pump with a capacity of up to 133 L / min and a built-in filter system. The cleaning process takes place in an automatic cycle and allows you to restore the factory filter parameters in 99%.

XTON DPF Master Flash Standard
DPF Master Flash Professional PLUS- device for DPF regeneration


The set includes adapters for connecting all DPF filters from passenger cars. In order to increase the efficiency of the regeneration process, we recommend purchasing a dedicated DPF Heater Pro + drying system at a promotional price.


• liquid level sensor
• temperature sensor
• programmable temperature controller
• programmable automatic cycle controller
• tank capacity 112 l
• water pump
• built-in pressure reducer 0-8 bar
• built-in filter system
• adapters for DPF filters

Technical data:

Mobile App
Does not support
200 kg
External dimensions
150 x 80 x 131 (cm)
Tank capacity
150 liters
Working pressure
3 bars
3 x 400V
Max power
6 kW
50 Hz
Water connection (drain)
Air connection
fast connect DN 7.2
Ambient temperature
5 – 35° C
Noise level during operation
>70 db
Liquid temperature
adjustable in the range of 30 – 100 ° C
Optimum working temperature
38° C
Diameter of pressure hoses
Pump capacity
up to 133l/min
Liquid filtration
5 – 100 microns
liquid flow sensor, temperature sensor, emergency safety switch
Number of filters in machine
3 pcs
Declaration of Conformity

DPF regeneration – increase revenues with a new service!

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