Workshop cabin pressure washer

Master Cleaner MC 850

,m  It allows you to work in two variants: with a rotating basket or a rigid spray arm. It is used to clean heavy dirt from steel, iron or aluminum, removes various types of grease and oil deposits without damaging the surface of the element.


XTON Master Cleaner - workshop cabin washer

It works in a closed circuit at a temperature of up to 50°C. The effectiveness of washing is increased by the XTON Active Cleaner fluid and the appropriately selected temperature and pressure from the gun nozzle. Standard equipment includes a compressed air gun and a low pressure overflow brush. The 95-liter tank is thermally insulated, which prevents the heated fluid from cooling too quickly. The washer chamber is pneumatically lifted, and the adjustable height ensures comfortable use.

• sensors: liquid level and temperature
• dual liquid filtration system
• insulated and heated 95 liter tank
• compressed air gun up to 8 atmospheres
• high pressure nozzle
• low pressure brush
• LED lighting
• pneumatic chamber opening mechanism
• movable legs with height adjustment up to 100 mm
• double foot switch
• IP 54 protection class

• spray arm
• rotating basket

Technical data:

205 kg
External dimensions – opened chamber
110 x 78 x 245 cm
External dimensions – closed chamber
110 x 78 x 178 cm
Chamber dimensions
80 x 70 x 64 cm
Heated liquid tank
95 liters
Working temperature
up to 50°C
3 x 400V
Working pressure
6-8 bar
Max power
7,5 kW
Pump working pressure
140 bar
Double liquid filtration system
High pressure lance capacity
up 15 L/min
Air connection
Expense of hand washing with the overflow brush
up to 5 L/min
Double foot switch
temperature sensor, emergency safety switch, limit switch
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